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September 2, 2008, 4:11 pm
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Wow, now where the stress of the past weeks slowly dries up the little voice in my head which tells me what to write is eventually talking to me again…
So, it is great to be back!
First of all I want to share an idea I had a while ago. This Idea is inspired by Seth Godin and having seen his Ted talk ..

As these are my own thoughts and ideas I do not need to reference. If you do like them however, and you want to reproduce them, you need to reference, otherwise you are plagiarising.

This piece is inspired by my Evidence based Management class and the Ted talk of
Seth Godin.

The idea behind it is simple. People notice what is new and fresh and remarkable.        They give more attention to something, what has not been there before in the same way.
According to that, my Idea is simple but I think it is good and many people will notice it. I had to do an AIDS assignment and that is why I thought of the following.

Have you ever been to Berlin? In East Berlin there is something very unique when you cross the street. Everybody who lives there or has even only visited, knows about it. The “Ampelmaennchen” in English, “robot people”. The East Berlin robots all have little people in them (not the usual ones). The green one is walking the red one stands they are also wearing hats and one can buy them as souvenirs at every corner printed on a t-shirt.

That is something new which people notice, because it is different.
Now back to the assignment. I thought why can’t we do something like that, it is easy, inexpensive and a robot is something everyone looks at. Why don’t we as South Africans with one of the highest Aids rates in the world, make a statement and put the AIDS bow into red robots, that it glows every time the robot is red. Because if a robot is red and one has to stop!
Think about it, STOP AIDS. It would be a reminder. It would be a statement. It would be something unique.

I think it would therefore be remarkable. And just between us the tourists 2010 will love that!!!
I hope you like it!


August 6, 2008, 1:34 pm
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As I am currently first year Student at the University of Cape town I am still very used  to writing essays. Using blogs is also very new territory to me so excuse my blunt essay style writing and the probably missing bloggerexperience [if something like that exists]…

These blogs posted are not just single units on its own, but part of a whole which must come together at some stage as it is an experiment I want to share with the world even though the world doesn’t know me yet…

lets call this experiment lionheartqlt.

Ok, about the contend: what we are trying to do {I am very lucky to be part of it} is to create a company with aslittle capital as possible using the new media and a lot of creativity and bright bright brains….
As I said it is an experiment as we don’t know how you/the market will react.

During this process I will report about the progress we are making, and the strategies we are going to use. With the help of the media, I am going to do podcasts as well as obviously blog about my experiences hoping for lots ofcomments and Ideas from you guys to broaden my knowledge.
Due to the fact that I am going to write the blogs everything is out of my perspective.

I hope we are successful so enjoy the ride and watch me grow.

Intro finished

July 10, 2008, 3:35 pm
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The school of Genius or why smart is the new sexy

Hello Nerds!
(with nerd I mean people who have a special talent they enjoy doing which is not necessarily acknowledged by the society because it cannot be fitted into a box. In other words… a GENIUS.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where everybody can use their “powers” and talents they are best in to do good. If you share this dream with me and are interested to play with your Ideas and genius, then the school of genius is the right thing for you…

because for us:

smart is the new sexy

Project school of Genius is the idea of founding and finding a space where smart and exceptional people can come together to live out what they enjoy whether it is theatre computer programming or biology….
It is a space which can exist in form of a workshop or a seminar it is for old and young basically anybody who is interested and feels frustrated by ever stiff school/workplace which just not seem to “get” once ideas, or simply the nagging class mates criticizing you just because you are interested in different toppings and sciences they just don’t get.

If you dear fellow nerds also feel that way and feel like it is time for something new and innovative then let me and my accomplice Max Kaizen know because then we can create a space where all that is possible and new ideas can be born to live in the world of tomorrow